World Wetlands Day: keep your feet dry with our virtual tour!

Bog. Fen. Swamp. Marsh.

These words may conjure up images of stagnant and muddy water, but the truth is these different types of wetlands can be beautiful, peaceful, and full of life. They are also critical for the health of New Brunswick’s forests, our coastlines, and our marine waters.

Today we are celebrating World Wetlands Day (Feb. 2), and it’s even sweeter this year in New Brunswick because our wetlands are so close to getting the comprehensive protection they deserve! In the province’s newly-minted water protection strategy, the government lays out a plan to improve wetlands protections between 2018-2020 by:

  • releasing accurate maps to properly identify our many wetlands,
  • creating guidelines to ensure transparency in the province’s Wetlands Conservation Policy, and,
  • (the one we’re most excited about) making amendments to the Watercourse and Wetland Alteration Regulation so it protects coastal Provincially Significant Wetlands less than 1 hectare in size.

As part of our celebration today, we’re showcasing some of New Brunswick’s beautiful wetlands and the interesting critters that live within them, featuring photography from New Brunswick-born Nick Hawkins, a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

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Wetlands are vital for our watersheds, communities, and the economy to thrive. They keep us safe during times of flooding and keep our natural ecosystem buzzing year round, and as we’ve reported before, mayors who preserve wetlands save their cities big bucks. With our supporters at our back, we’ve been working a long time to improve wetland protection in New Brunswick — we hope you’ll take some time to celebrate with us and show your love for our wetlands!

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