Join our free Webinar on Carbon Pricing Narratives in New Brunswick

Carbon pricing. For some people the idea triggers thoughts of positive solutions to climate change; for others, the words trigger thoughts of negative effects on personal costs and lifestyle choices; for many people, both responses are triggered.

Can we talk about carbon pricing in ways that keep the door open to dialogue and increase understanding of and/or support for carbon pricing? Research over the last two years, including most recently in New Brunswick, Canada, shows that it is possible to find frames and narratives that resonate with both the centre-left and centre-right.

Join us January 27, 2017 for this University of New Brunswick-sponsored webinar to learn the results of focus groups and surveys testing general population responses to carbon pricing frames (an idea like: polluter pay or common sense) and narratives (i.e. the way we talk about polluter pay or common sense). This latest research included three focus groups and a 500-person survey in New Brunswick, Canada. Results will be compared to similar work in Ontario in and across Canada in 2015.

Webinar hosts include:
 Dr. Louise Comeau, Honorary Research Associate at the University of New Brunswick and the Conservation Council’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, and George Marshall from UK-based Climate Outreach. George will present his analysis of the latest research and link the results to research his organisation is conducting around the world to better understand how to communicate climate change and its solutions in ways that engage the centre-right as well as the centre-left.

If you work for the private or public sector, with non-government organizations or educational institutions, and you are struggling with how to communicate environmental solutions like carbon pricing, you will find this webinar helpful to your work.

When: Jan 27th – 1pm EST, 2pm AST, 10am PST, 6pm GMT
Duration: 90 minutes

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