EcoNews – Seven dead right whales devastating blow: expert

In this edition of EcoNews, we look at the call for swift action in the Gulf of St. Lawrence region in the wake of an unprecedented die-off of north Atlantic right whales and the tragic loss of a veteran fisher and whale rescue team member; we … [Read more...]

We’re teaching kids in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea about the power of pollinators, and we need your help!

You see all those extra seedlings popping up around your garden? Don't let a good pollinator go to waste! Drop-off any native pollinator plants you can spare at the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center at 139 Water St., St. Andrews, and help support … [Read more...]

St. Andrews fights for 1st place in the race for Today’s Reader’s Choice of best destination in Canada 2017

As of this morning, St. Andrews-by-the Sea is ranked #2 in the race for top 10 USA Today's Reader's Choice nominees for best destination in Canada 2017, challenging larger cities like Montreal and Quebec City, and proving the value of Atlantic … [Read more...]