EcoNews — Big news for protected natural areas, rallying for Rod Cumberland, and starting a new conversation about climate action in N.B.

In this edition of EcoNews, we celebrate a long-sought victory as the province commits to protect at least 10 per cent of N.B.'s land and water by 2020 — but where exactly the new spaces will be, and whether they'll be fully protected in law, remains … [Read more...]

Aw shucks: Ocean acidification and the oyster industry

The first article in a new series looking at the challenges facing oyster growers in New Brunswick For many families, shucking and gulping down your first raw oyster is a celebrated right of passage in Maritimer life. The salty mollusks are also … [Read more...]

Climate change impacts on the Gulf of Maine-Bay of Fundy explored

Last Friday the Portland Press Herald released the final instalment in its six-part series entitled Mayday: Gulf of Maine in Distress by staff writer Colin Woodard and staff photographer Gregory Rec. The series is well written, well researched, … [Read more...]