Corbett revisits some N.B.’s top environment stories of 2019   

With the beginning of the New Year — better yet, a new decade — comes the chance to look back at the past 12 months, take stock of our successes and failures, and make a commitment to do better – especially when it comes to safeguarding the quality … [Read more...]

Fourth entangled North Atlantic right whale spotted, new team undergoes training

Eight North Atlantic right whales have died in Canadian waters since early June Not pictured: Wolverine, a younger male, was found dead earlier this month. A fourth entangled North Atlantic right whale has been spotted near Magdalen Islands, the … [Read more...]

Second North Atlantic right whale found dead

Punctuation, a 38-year-old female, was spotted floating Tuesday   Not pictured: Wolverine, a younger male, was found dead earlier this month. Another North Atlantic right whale has been found dead, floating in the Gulf of St. … [Read more...]

Dead North Atlantic right whale spotted in Gulf of St. Lawrence

A necropsy for the nine-year-old male will be completed in the following days The necropsy for Wolverine (not pictured) is planned for tomorrow (Friday, June 7). A dead North Atlantic right whale has been spotted floating in the Gulf of St. … [Read more...]

New measures to help right whales’ safe passage

The federal government announced new measures this week aimed at helping North Atlantic right whales return to the Gulf of St. Lawrence next summer. Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc introduced four changes to the snow crab fishery … [Read more...]

Another right whale found dead just as scientists warn species might not last 20 years

The devastating year for right whales continues. Another north Atlantic right whale has been found dead and decomposing off the coast of Massachusetts this week, reports the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), making it the 16th dead North … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Pulp mill pollution, pipelines, and water policy

In this edition of EcoNews, we look at Irving Pulp and Paper's intention to argue that pollution charges laid against it by the federal government last year are unconstitutional (sorry, come again?); we breathe a sigh of relief and look with hope … [Read more...]

Tanker strikes leading cause of right whale deaths: report

Scientists have a clearer picture of how a record-setting number of North Atlantic right whale deaths occurred in East Coast waters this summer. Wildlife pathologists released their necropsy results in an incident report out Oct. 5, concluding … [Read more...]

Canada, U.S. launch investigation into right whale deaths

Canada and the U.S. are launching a joint investigation into the deaths of 13 endangered North Atlantic right whales, after the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared the die off an “unusual mortality event,” or … [Read more...]

How can you help the right whale?

My introduction to the north Atlantic right whale was a spectacular one: standing on a sailboat in the Bay of Fundy surrounded by a pod of the majestic mammals. I could see the curious whales in every direction, some playfully slapping their fins … [Read more...]

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