EcoNews — Shiny rooftops, kicking plastic pollution, and oh so many events

In this edition of EcoNews, we give you some highlights from our first-ever and, it turns out, incredibly popular N.B. EcoHomes Tour; we tell you about the plastics charter we signed onto that gives a roadmap to a plastic-waste-free Canada; invite … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Seven dead right whales devastating blow: expert

In this edition of EcoNews, we look at the call for swift action in the Gulf of St. Lawrence region in the wake of an unprecedented die-off of north Atlantic right whales and the tragic loss of a veteran fisher and whale rescue team member; we … [Read more...]

EcoNews: A climate plan to support & a paddle to enjoy!

This EcoNews edition is pleased to present the Conservation Council's climate change action plan for New Brunswick. Here, you will also find a reminder about the MP town hall meetings on climate change and an invite to our annual paddle of the … [Read more...]

It sure feels like Groundhog Day

Today marks two calendar milestones — World Wetlands Day and Groundhog Day. Of course, for New Brunswickers who have been waiting eagerly for a comprehensive wetlands strategy these past six years, one of these milestones is more fitting of our … [Read more...]

World Wetlands Day – CCNB Celebrates with a Virtual Tour of New Brunswick Wetlands

In honour of World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and New Brunswick wildlife and conservation photographer Nick Hawkins have teamed up to create a virtual tour of NB wetlands and the wildlife that rely on them. To … [Read more...]

Live Wild — Together for New Brunswick Biodiversity

The importance of our province’s biodiversity needs more attention, so we are thrilled to be part of the team that worked on a logo to create more awareness of our plants and wildlife and to build public interest in preserving them. The logo was … [Read more...]