‘Pretty incredible’: annual Musquash Paddle highlights importance of preservation

Protection of the Musquash Estuary was nearly a decade in the making While the point of the annual Musquash Paddle is to celebrate it’s preservation, it’s also about getting people out on the water to enjoy the outdoors. Nearly 120 people … [Read more...]

Conservation works: study says smart stewardship is helping Maine lobster fishery withstand rising ocean temperatures

A study published last week shows that climate change is and will continue to have a major impact on lobster populations in the Gulf of Maine. The good news: conservation measures adopted by the state decades ago will ensure that the fishery so … [Read more...]

Baykeeper pushes marine protection for Bay of Fundy

Matt Abbott, the Conservation Council's Fundy Baykeeper, attended a lively open house by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) on how to best protect the Bay of Fundy in St. George on Oct. 26, 2016. "The Bay of Fundy is a special place. I … [Read more...]

It sure feels like Groundhog Day

Today marks two calendar milestones — World Wetlands Day and Groundhog Day. Of course, for New Brunswickers who have been waiting eagerly for a comprehensive wetlands strategy these past six years, one of these milestones is more fitting of our … [Read more...]

World Wetlands Day – CCNB Celebrates with a Virtual Tour of New Brunswick Wetlands

In honour of World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and New Brunswick wildlife and conservation photographer Nick Hawkins have teamed up to create a virtual tour of NB wetlands and the wildlife that rely on them. To … [Read more...]