Risky business: the company behind the Sisson mine project

https://youtu.be/baYVuLF8LvY Listen to Joan Kuyek, a mining analyst from Ottawa, and Larry Wuest, a local environmental researcher living near the proposed Sisson mine, as they outline crucial questions that remain unanswered about the huge … [Read more...]

Maliseet Chiefs respond to CBC story on Sisson

Below is a letter sent by St. Mary's First Nation Chief Candice Paul on behalf Chief Shelley Sabattis, Chief Gabby Atwin, Chief Ross Perley and Chief Patricia Bernard on June 29, 2017 explaining important details about the Sisson Mine Accommodation … [Read more...]

Tailings are forever: new report shows Alberta’s tailings are a huge liability

Tailings, the waste left behind from mining, remain on landscapes forever and sometimes their dams or casings fail, spilling toxins into waterways. A new report by the Environmental Defence and the U.S.’s Natural Resources Defense Council points to … [Read more...]

What the Mount Polley tailings disaster has to teach us to protect the Nashwaak from the Sisson mine

One of the world's largest tailing dams is proposed to be constructed in the upper Nashwaak River Valley as part of the proposed Sisson mine operation. With catastrophic mine waste spills on the rise and the fact that the Sisson mine's permitting … [Read more...]

Restart public review period for Sisson mine project: CCNB

Fredericton - CCNB  is asking for the termination of the current public review period for the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Sisson mine project. A thorough review of the report by numerous experts concludes that the Assessment report is not … [Read more...]