Kids learning outside with the Conservation Council

What’s better than watching your young ones splash about their summer swimming hole, roll-around in a colorful and crisp pile of freshly raked leaves, and appreciate New Brunswick natural heritage — now, imagine your child’s classrooms experience … [Read more...]

Fun with milkweed- a seed harvesting workshop!

Last evening, the Conservation Council’s Learning Outside project coordinator, Nadine Ives, and our Communications officer, Emily, and I ventured out with a group of milkweed enthusiasts to collect seed pods and learn about milkweed’s importance to … [Read more...]

Back to School doesn’t have to mean back inside!

It’s that time of year again, swapping in bathing suits for rain jackets and backpacks full of camping gear for school supplies. It’s back to school time! Here at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, our Learning Outside project focuses on … [Read more...]

Helping New Brunswick teachers who want to take learning outside the classroom

My co-worker has a pretty cool job if you ask me. Nadine Ives spends most of her days outside, helping children connect with the natural world by teaching them all about the plants, animals, and habitats that are found on their school grounds. When … [Read more...]

Conservation Council ecologist set to help NB teachers who want to take their classes outside

FREDERICTON — The Conservation Council’s Learning Outside Coordinator, Nadine Ives, will join Emma McIntyre of Nature NB for an in-depth nature education training session for New Brunswick elementary teachers in Moncton this week. Thousands of … [Read more...]