Our climate change and health special edition of EcoAlert Magazine is out!

This climate change and health special edition of EcoAlert Magazine shines a light on climate change's lesser-known public health consequences,  guides you through our 2nd Annual Eco Buildings Tour, celebrates the passage of Canada's new Fisheries … [Read more...]

After the flood: putting things into perspective

Peter Larsen’s family cottage near Belleisle Bay was destroyed in 2018. Soon, that didn’t matter.   Peter Larsen lost his family cottage to floods in 2018. Driving to Peter Larsen’s family camp near Belleisle Bay in June, 2018, was like … [Read more...]

Protect what is close to you, on World Rivers Day

To mark this year's World Rivers Day (Sept. 24), people across the globe are joining together to celebrate our marvelous rivers. Often compared to arteries or highways, rivers are essential to the livelihood of communities. It is no doubt that on … [Read more...]

Join us at the ‘Green Rights’ Film Screening with Silver Donald Cameron

Air, water, food – these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. And in most nations –more than 180 nations, in fact – citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life. But not in Canada or the United States. You are … [Read more...]

NB’s air quality improvements not enough for Saint John, Belledune, Miramichi

Arbec Mill in Miramichi, NB. The province’s claim of air quality improvements in New Brunswick likely ring hollow for residents living in Saint John, Belledune or Miramichi (Telegraph-Journal, Oct. 18, 2013). According to the province’s … [Read more...]