Guest blog: Ditching fossil fuels is like a ‘monkey trap’

A recent Brunswick News Commentary wondered how bad must things get before the concept of ‘climate emergency’ gets traction. One depressing answer may be found in the title of a widely circulated NYTimes editorial: “Australia Is Committing Climate … [Read more...]

A fossil fuel by any other name: Corbett says wrong decade for oil and gas developments as Corridor rebrands and doubles down on Sussex-area fracking

Amid news that Corridor Resources rebranded itself and hired a new management team to pursue an exemption under New Brunswick’s fracking moratorium, the Conservation Council’s Executive Director, Lois Corbett, says this is simply not the decade for … [Read more...]

Celebrate 50 years of environmental action with our special anniversary edition of EcoAlert!

With the Conservation Council of New Brunswick celebrating our 50th Anniversary, this special edition of EcoAlert Magazine rolls back the clock to shine a light on the many campaigns and landmark public policy victories achieved by the Conservation … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Keeping a close eye on Irving, the growing costs of climate change, and back in the fight to keep N.B. frack-free

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you strong reaction from Environment Canada and our Fundy Baykeeper as a plea deal is reached in Irving Pulp and Paper's latest pollution case; we bring you a great read — and timely reminder — that the moratorium … [Read more...]

Study shows fracking moratorium remains smart public policy

A study showing the impact of fracking wells on groundwater is yet another piece of proof that New Brunswick’s moratorium on hydraulic fracturing is sound public policy to protect drinking water and the health and safety of New Brunswickers. The … [Read more...]

EcoNews: Lovable lynxes, solar soaring and bye-bye Fracking

This #MeowMonday edition of EcoNews features adorable photos of the Lynx kittens found near Fredericton and the fabulous news on a record-breaking year for renewable energy investment and the continued fracking moratorium. We report on the great … [Read more...]

CCNB’s Lois Corbett on NB government’s decision to extend fracking moratorium indefinitely

CCNB Executive Director Lois Corbett commenting on the Gallant Government’s decision to extend fracking moratorium indefinitely. Image by CTV on May 27, 2016 Fredericton, N.B. – Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Executive Director, Lois … [Read more...]