Eco Buildings Tour Sneak Peek – Visit an off-grid home today!

Need a little push to sign up for our Pathway to a Cleaner Future: Eco Buildings Tour? Check out this great video made by a wonderful volunteer who wasn’t able to participate this year but still wanted to offer you a glimpse of what you can expect to … [Read more...]

Take part in our EcoHomes tour, then take advantage of NB Power’s new energy efficiency programs!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could live more efficiently, but not sure when or how to start making the transition? Good news! NB Power and the provincial government recently unveiled new programs to help homeowners and businesses lower … [Read more...]

Lois Corbett reacts to Budget 2017-18

The Conservation Council’s Lois Corbett spoke with Adam Huras from the Telegraph-Journal about the government’s missed opportunity to focus on energy efficiency and climate change in the 2017-18 budget. “The government missed an important … [Read more...]

Lois Corbett on NB Power’s new personalized home energy report tool

CCNB’s Lois Corbett is applauding NB Power on the launch of their new Home Energy Report program that’s giving New Brunswickers the tools they need to monitor their home energy over time and make informed choices about energy consumption and energy … [Read more...]

Sustainably farmed eggs, sunny-side-up and with no emissions

Whenever someone asks me how I like my eggs, I tell them with, “I like my eggs free-ranged, sunny side-up, bottom-browned, and sprinkled with pinch of salt and pepper.” But thanks to the Brant Hutterite Colony's push to produce to 13,000 eggs a … [Read more...]