Breaking EcoNews — N.B.’s Climate Change Act

So, we have a Climate Change Act for New Brunswick — something your Conservation Council has said we’ve needed for years. Is it exactly what we had in mind (or even close)? No. But let’s start with the good. The new bill, introduced in the … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Where our forest is being sprayed this summer

In this edition of EcoNews, we show you where our forest is being sprayed this summer with a breakdown of herbicide spray hotspots near popular N.B. lakes and which forestry companies are doing the most spraying; we make it easy for you to join New … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Seven dead right whales devastating blow: expert

In this edition of EcoNews, we look at the call for swift action in the Gulf of St. Lawrence region in the wake of an unprecedented die-off of north Atlantic right whales and the tragic loss of a veteran fisher and whale rescue team member; we … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Your Canada Day, hit the beach edition

In this Canada Day edition of EcoNews, we get you ready to beat the heat and hit the beach with stories about: the first-ever Canada Beach Report and what it tells us about the health of our cherished waterways; our take on the Auditor General's … [Read more...]

Your fresh, new and phone-friendly EcoNews 2017!

In this March Econews, we give you articles on recommendations on how New Brunswick can better prepare for ice storms, an update on the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Fisheries and its report on how to move forward to protect fish habitat. We … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Tracking forest loss & the Monarch butterflies

This edition of EcoNews reports on a study that validates satellite imagery of forest loss in our backyard, gives you a taste of what's found in a new report on what climate change could mean for the St. John River as well as includes our Fundy … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Let the fish & science flow!

This edition of EcoNews includes great news for the Petitcodiac River, Louise Comeau on making the NB government carbon neutral by 2030, the Fundy Baykeeper on protecting the Bay of Fundy from the Lake Utopia pulp mill, and a charming video of the … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Hope for a better New Brunswick

This edition of EcoNews includes the Conservation Council's hopeful praise for New Brunswick's climate action plan, polling that shows Canadians support stronger policies on greenhouse gas reductions, the growing momentum to ban glyphosates in the … [Read more...]

EcoNews: Great Trees, Sushi & Tuques!

This edition of EcoNews includes the sparkling holiday edition of EcoAlert, the Conservation Council's pre-budget submission on forging a path to a low-carbon economy, the growing momentum behind the great tree hunt, Louise Comeau on what Canada's … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Passing the Puck Forward & Closing Fracking Loopholes

This edition of EcoNews includes the wise words of Louise Comeau and Matt Abbott on the Energy East pipeline, Lois Corbett on the New Brunswick government's decision to close a fracking legal loophole and protect municipal drinking water systems, … [Read more...]