Ignoring climate change is a risky venture

When we debate climate solutions like carbon pricing, let us keep in mind the risks we face and costs we are paying from the floods, heat waves, wildfires and coastal erosion affecting New Brunswickers. The strength of these type of events is … [Read more...]

Conservation Council statement on release of 2017 Ice Storm Review

Lois Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council, today issued the following statement: “The Clerk of the Executive Council’s review of the January 2017 Ice Storm, released today, shines a spotlight on just what more works need to … [Read more...]

Ice storm review report to be released tomorrow

The January 2017 ice storm review report will be released tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 18). Judy Wagner, clerk of the Executive Council and author of the report, will release the review with Public Safety Minister Denis Landry, NB Power CEO Gaëtan … [Read more...]

Comeau: carbon pricing just one tool in NB’s climate change toolkit

Louise Comeau, the former Director of Climate and Energy Solutions at the Conservation Council and current director of the University of New Brunswick’s Environment and Sustainability Development Research Centre, told the New Brunswick … [Read more...]

Conservation Council signs on to Clean Fuel Standard submission

The federal government is developing regulations to reduce the amount of carbon in transportation and heating fuels. Part of the government’s Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, the regulation aims to reduce Canada’s greenhouse … [Read more...]

Move to regional cap-and-trade system gaining momentum?

A recent series of news articles featuring our Conservation Council Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, Louise Comeau, speculate that cap-and-trade systems, where large industrial polluters' greenhouse gas emissions are capped, may be … [Read more...]

Conservation Council’s recommendations on how to respond to ice storms

Following the January ice storm that left over 130,000 New Brunswickers without power, the province has announced public meetings allowing participants to share their experiences and ideas on the response to the January ice storm will take place … [Read more...]

Join our free Webinar on Carbon Pricing Narratives in New Brunswick

Carbon pricing. For some people the idea triggers thoughts of positive solutions to climate change; for others, the words trigger thoughts of negative effects on personal costs and lifestyle choices; for many people, both responses are … [Read more...]

Government retrofits will be self-funded in the long-term: Louise Comeau on the costs of making the NB government carbon neutral by 2030

Louise Comeau, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Climate and Energy Solutions Director, spoke with Harry Forestell in an interview with CBC on Dec 8th, where she set the record straight on the long-term cost and savings associated with the … [Read more...]

Majority of Canadians support climate action, says new poll

Fredericton - A strong majority of Canadians support new regulations on energy efficiency, cleaner fuels and renewable energy, says a comprehensive new poll conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal. With only four days until Canada's … [Read more...]