EcoNews — Where our forest is being sprayed this summer

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you the online map, recently released by government and the forestry industry, showing where our Crown forest will be sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides, and we welcome you to use our letter-writing tool to … [Read more...]

Low, warm water stresses river life

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, spoke with the Fredericton Daily Gleaner in late July about the unusually low water level of some of New Brunswick’s rivers this summer. The Gleaner’s Michael Staples reports that stream flows in June were … [Read more...]

Big love for the St. Croix/Skutik River

Our recent poll showing big support for the removal of the Milltown Dam and restoration of Salmon Falls received good coverage in regional media. As you’ll remember, last month the Conservation Council and Atlantic Salmon Federation commissioned … [Read more...]

“It’s important to have everyone involved”: Corbett calls for consultation before Sisson extension

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, spoke to CBC New Brunswick about the long-delayed Sisson Mine proposal on July 24. As the CBC's Bob Jones put it: It's been a tough year for Northcliff Resources Ltd., the company behind a long delayed … [Read more...]

Why a PV System is the Right Choice for Your Farm

Our friends at Naveco Power, New Brunswick-based renewable energy developer, bring us this guest blog about the potential for solar power to help New Brunswick's farming community. New Brunswick's first solar farm, outside of Sussex, N.B. As one … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Protecting wild salmon, a new way to give back, and inspiration for getting to #BetterThanNormal

In this edition of EcoNews, our Fundy Baykeeper joins other leading ENGOs and fisheries associations in N.B. to call for a full Environmental Impact Assessment as a salmon farming company looks to expand its operations in the Bay of Fundy; our … [Read more...]

Good advice and inspiring conversations: Our ED shares her top webinar picks of the pandemic

I’m kinda “zoomed" out.  The 100+ days of pandemic isolation served up lots of worry, new fears, sickness and death, and frankly, really bizarre social media newsfeeds.  But then there were webinars provided by bright minds, caring, thoughtful, … [Read more...]

Fundy Baykeeper, ENGOs and Fishermen Associations call for EIA of proposed new salmon aquaculture sites in the Bay of Fundy

Wild Atlantic salmon. Photo: Nick Hawkins. Our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, has co-signed a letter to New Brunswick’s Minister of Environment and Local Government calling for proposed new salmon aquaculture sites in the Bay of Fundy to undergo a … [Read more...]

Let’s protect our marine ecosystems to achieve a resilient, equitable and sustainable blue economy

From Baie des Chaleurs to Cap Tourmentin, there are no shortage of local efforts to grow the coastal economy while protecting our critical marine environment. By supporting more projects like these, we will be more resilient in the face of world … [Read more...]

Groups cheer on Milltown Dam Removal, St. Croix River Restoration as fish start spring migration

May 12, 2020 — Indigenous Nation and NGOs representing thousands of people in Maine and New Brunswick are united in support of NB Power’s decision to remove the Milltown Dam, the oldest hydroelectric facility in Canada, and restore free flow to the … [Read more...]