‘Heck of a big dam’: Lois Corbett on approval of Sissons mine dumping

Approved by the provincial government in 2015, the proposed Sisson mine still needs to meet 40 conditions before moving forward While the federal government recently approved a proposal by the Sisson Partnership to dump mine waste into two … [Read more...]

Great trees is a best seller!

Great trees of New Brunswick, authored by David Palmer and Tracy Glynn, is a best seller inside the province! Have you got your copy yet? It’s also been making headlines. The Kings County Record recently wrote about the newly-released … [Read more...]

EcoNews – Passing the Puck Forward & Closing Fracking Loopholes

This edition of EcoNews includes the wise words of Louise Comeau and Matt Abbott on the Energy East pipeline, Lois Corbett on the New Brunswick government's decision to close a fracking legal loophole and protect municipal drinking water systems, … [Read more...]

CCNB on report calling for tanker moratorium on Atlantic waters

On July 26, 2016, Matt Abbott, the Conservation Council’ Fundy Baykeeper, was quoted in a Canadian Press article picked up by the Toronto Star,  CTV and the Globe and Mail, following the release of an NRDC report that’s sounding the alarm on a … [Read more...]

New report shows Energy East pipeline a massive threat to the Bay of Fundy and U.S. marine resources

Canadian Groups Call on Federal Government to Reject Pipelines, As New U.S.Led Campaign Calls for National Tar Sands Dilbit Tanker Ban July 26, 2016, Saint John—A new report released today by the US – based Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), … [Read more...]

Conservation Council of New Brunswick releases policy options to spur climate change conversation

 MEDIA RELEASE Conservation Council of New Brunswick releases policy options to spur climate change conversation READ: A Climate Action Plan For New Brunswick July 13, 2016 Fredericton, N.B. – A new report from the Conservation Council of New … [Read more...]

The stories and photos are flooding in! Tell us how post-tropical storm Arthur affected you…

Do you remember post-tropical storm Arthur? The July 2014 extreme weather event left 195,000 households without power for as much as a few days to two weeks because winds of 100 km/hour and heavy rain knocked down trees and power lines. How did … [Read more...]