EcoNews — A banner budget for whales, wildlife and water

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you our reaction to the federal budget’s historic investment to protect nature; we tell you why the regulations to phase out coal in Canada will mean even greater opportunities for New Brunswick’’s renewable … [Read more...]

EcoNews – The Happy New Year 2017 edition!

This first January edition of EcoNews has our eagle-eyed Tracy Glynn writing about poor forest practices and their impact on our fine-feathered friends. We drill down into the National Energy Board's new review panel on the proposed Energy East … [Read more...]

Forestry practices need to change for birds and all wildlife: researcher

American Three-toed Woodpecker. Photo by Hugh Metcalfe. New Brunswick's forestry practices are affecting bird populations, according to Marc-André Villard, a biologist specializing in forest ecology at the Université du Québec à … [Read more...]