Send us a picture of your local pumpkin masterpiece!

Every year hundreds of NBers try to carve the spookiest Jack-O’-Lanterns possible. This Halloween, why not use your family’s pumpkin-carving tradition as an opportunity to give local farmers a much-appreciated show of support?

If 10 per cent of New Brunswickers buy a $5 pumpkin, that equals more than $370,000 in sales. That’s just a drop in the bucket for a large grocery chain, but it’s a huge opportunity for our local NB farmers. By choosing to buy your pumpkin from a local farmer you are helping that farmer pay their bills, re-invest in their business, and continue to provide healthy food for New Brunswickers.

Now, thanks to our BuyLocalNB Directory, it has never been easier to buy a pumpkin from a New Brunswick farm this Halloween.

Search for “pumpkin” in the Search local products field at the top of the directory, then enter your city or town in the near field, and you’ll get an instant list the nearest farms growing pumpkins. Many farms run U-picks that offer a full day of fun for your family as you search for the perfect pumpkins to haunt your porch this fall.

Buying local is great for the economy and great for our environment. Use our free BuyLocalNB Directory today as an easy guide to start taking whatever steps you can to buy more of your household’s food and beverages locally. Don’t feel overwhelmed with pressure to shop 100 per cent local right away — just take it one pumpkin at a time!

P.S.: We’d love to see a picture of your pumpkin masterpiece! Please post your Jack-O’-Lantern to Facebook and tag us (@ConservationCouncil), on Twitter (@cc_nb) and Instagram (conservationcouncilnb), and if possible, tag the local farm where you bought it!

*Originally published by Aiden Puta on Oct 10, 2017