Pass the puck forward: CCNB on Energy East Pipeline

hockey-3Dr. Louise Comeau, our Conservation Council’s Climate Change and Energy Solutions Director and Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, wrote an opinion piece published in the Nov 14, 2016 Telegraph Journal’s Pipeline Battlelines Commentary series looking at the future of  the proposed Energy East Pipeline.

“To bring it home in hockey terms, how should our government make certain its economic development strategies take the province, our businesses and our workers to where the puck is going, rather than where it has been?”

While it is easy to think we are at the whims of larger players, Dr. Comeau and our Fundy Baykeeper say that when it when it comes to large-scale issues like climate change, we need to remember that it’s an opportunity to step to the front of the pack and take advantage the emerging  global trends towards renewable energy.

“The old days of high fossil-fuel prices — needed to make oilsands viable — are over.”

“Team future will be driving investments in the trillions of dollars and New Brunswick can be part of it. Or it can sit at the table hoping for a draft pick, while the jobs go elsewhere.”

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