Shale Gas Resource Library

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Last update: 12 December 2014

Province of New Brunswick

Government of New Brunswick. (2011-). Natural Gas from Shale.

New Brunswick Department of Energy & Mines. (2013-.) Oil and Natural Gas Legislation.

Canada. House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources. (2011, February 1). Testimony on Unconventional Gas in Canada, proceedings with Dr. Ingraffea, Cornell University and Bruce Northrup, NB Minister of Natural Resources.

New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance. The Citizen’s guide to shale gas. An information package of over a dozen 2-page summaries of issues of concern to New Brunswickers. Also available here.


The following are some of the latest studies grouped under shale gas impacts and issues of concern:

Air & Climate Change
Rural Industrialization & Social Upheaval Economics
Frack Fluids
Shale Gas Violations