Learning Outside

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Our Learning Outside program helps New Brunswick’s children re-connect with nature by developing creative ways to integrate nature into the teaching of all subjects through the development of outdoor learning spaces and provision of teacher training opportunities.

We believe that all children deserve ample opportunity to learn and explore in nature. Our unique approach is to integrate nature into the school experience of New Brunswick’s children by embedding the use of outdoor classrooms and natural settings into the delivery of existing curriculum. We facilitate this by supporting teachers with the provision of professional development opportunities and resources and by encouraging the development of outdoor classrooms and natural spaces on and near school grounds.

This initiative emerged out of our recognition that children today have less opportunity to explore and learn in the natural world than earlier generations.

To learn about exciting projects at schools throughout New Brunswick and what you can do at your school and how to go about it, visit the Learning Outside website.

For more information, contact nadine @ conservationcouncil.ca