New Brunswick Francophones deserve all TransCanada’s Energy East documents in French

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Fredericton — Quebec environmental group, Centre Québécois du droit de l’environment (CQDE), and property owner France Lamonde sought an injunction in a federal court on Tuesday, Feb. 10, to suspend the National Energy Board hearings of the Energy East oil pipeline project for a lack of official documentation in French. The Conservation Council of New Brunswick supports this requested injunction and notes that significant francophone areas in the province, including the city of Edmundston, will be directly affected by the pipeline, should it be built.

“Francophone citizens — be they landowners, farmers or fishers — should have an equal opportunity to review and comment on TransCanada’s proposed Energy East oil pipeline,” said Lois Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. “If it values the voices of all New Brunswickers and all Canadians, the National Energy Board will halt its review process until all 30,000 pages of TransCanada’s Energy East Application have been translated.”


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