Lois Corbett on provincial gov’t decision banning gas industry wastewater from municipal treatment systems

CCNB’s Executive Director Lois Corbett was mentioned in several news stories on Monday as she welcomed the provincial government’s decision to introduce legislative amendments to ban municipalities from disposing of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing in a press release put out on Monday.

“We are pleased to see the government set clear rules to close this loophole in the Clean Environment Act,” said Corbett. “Too often, all over North America, people have learned the hard way that when the oil and gas industry is allowed to use sewage plants as dumping sites, coastal water is polluted and freshwater is made undrinkable.”

Once amended, the Clean Environment Act will prohibit the discharge of wastewater from fracking into wastewater treatment systems owned or operated by a municipality, regional municipality, rural community, wastewater commission or the provincial government.


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