Huge News!

Today, the New Brunswick government introduced legislation for a moratorium on fracking for shale gas.

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick thanks the Honourable Premier Brian Gallant for listening to our voices and putting the brakes on the risky business of shale gas fracking.

Let’s thank the Provincial Government for supporting drinkable water, breathable air and healthy communities with this moratorium.



Today’s great news would not have been possible without all of you. Let’s take a moment to recognize the folks across this province who worked tirelessly to protect our water, lands and people from shale gas fracking. We researched, educated, organized, talked to our neighbours and our elected representatives, put up signs, built strong coalitions and mobilized New Brunswickers against fracking for shale gas. Our collective actions have resulted in a fracking moratorium in New Brunswick and we should be proud.


In the coming months, we will work hard to ensure that the moratorium is a strong one and that those in our province who are currently affected by gas development are protected through stringent monitoring and enforcement. Today, we renew our calls for environmental quality monitoring stations in Penobsquis, a rural farming community that is the site of Corridor’s gas development and other industrial development.

It’s the start of something big! With extreme energy projects on our doorstep like the proposed Energy East pipeline and oil and gas development, a fracking moratorium signals that New Brunswick is moving away from the dirty fossil fuels of the past and towards a clean energy future — one that protects our precious freshwater, one that generates meaningful employment and one that supports a green economy and healthy communities.

Sign up for updates from us on shale gas and the proposed Energy East pipeline. Together, we can blaze a path for a clean energy future in New Brunswick.


Stephanie Merrill
Director, Freshwater Protection Program