Happy Canada Day Edition of Your EcoNews

Tomorrow is our country’s Birthday and in honour of that, our EcoNews features a few of our favourite Canadian activities: paddling down rivers to the sea, talking about the weather, and BBQs!

Sign Up to Speak Out on Climate Change Solutions


The Government of NB and the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly have just released some details around the summer deadlines for the Select Committee on Climate Change. Chair Person Andrew Harvey (MLA – Carleton-Victoria) has made it known that the all-party committee will be travelling the Province seeking input from the public in late August and early September.

The Committee Chair has sent out an open invitation to all New Brunswickers who wish to have their voices heard. More information about the Select Committee, including deadlines for applications to speak can be found here.

Come Paddle the Musquash Estuary to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary as a Marine Protected Site – Saturday, July 16th


Fundy Baykeeper invites you to participate in a 10-km (6 mile) canoe or kayak paddle down the Musquash Estuary on Saturday July 16th at 10am.

This fun event allows you to meander down the river and see the vast salt marshes, wildlife and historic ship wrecks. To get the full run down of events and registration information click here.

Arthur’s second anniversary is coming up; tell us your stories about how it impacted you.

It may be hard to believe, but Tuesday, July 5th will mark the second anniversary of post-tropical storm Arthur’s devastating rampage through New Brunswick. The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is conducting research to learn more about how communities and individuals were impacted and dealt with Arthur. In this case, we are studying the capacity of communities to solve problems and create opportunities, including their capacity to respond to extreme weather events like post-tropical storm Arthur. You can submit your personal tale here.

Right-Whales-268x300.jpgRight Whale Population Leaving the Bay of Fundy for the Gasp

This year it seems that North Atlantic right whales commonly seen in the Bay of Fundy during the summer months are swimming towards different waters. Researchers who study the black behemoths have noticed fewer of them entering the Bay of Fundy and the Scotian Shelf to find their favorite meal, plankton. Last year a number of the whales were seen further north. To learn more about what is happening to the iconic Bay of Fundy Right Whale click here.

Summer Solstice Party at the Conserver House.

Last Thursday the Conserver House threw its doors wide open to invite members and the general public to celebrate the summer solstice with Conservation Council staff. Nearly sixty people showed up to take part in the BBQ and activities that included making pollinator friendly “seed balls”, and a viewing of the film “Catching the Sun”. The party was a huge success, and the staff and Board of Directors at the Conservation Council want to thank everyone for coming and your continued support