Gift Memberships!

Giving a Gift Membership this holiday season is an exciting new way you can support our work and give the gift that makes a difference all year long!

Gift Memberships help achieve our goal of a vibrant, healthy and sustainable New Brunswick, and help spark an enduring love of nature, clean water, thriving forests, and beautiful bays in the people you love.

It’s an easy and meaningful way to show someone you care this season. Check out our Gift Membership options below! 

Newborn Gift Membership

 What better way to welcome your newborn grandchild, niece or nephew this holiday season than giving a gift that will keep making a difference, a Newborn Membership to the Conservation Council. A Newborn Membership will keep your family’s new edition cozy and warm all winter with a hand-knit BuyLocalNB-themed toque from Fredericton’s Knifty-Knitters. Just as important, though, is the warmth you’ll feel knowing you’re helping to protect the air, forests, land, and waterways of our home here in New Brunswick.

Kids Gift Membership

The holiday season is upon us and your nieces and nephews already have more toys than they know what to do with. Why not try something different this year with a Kids Membership to the Conservation Council? Kits include a pollinator package with fun factsheets and tips on making your own butterfly garden, beautiful NB nature-themed colouring pages, our coveted BuyLocalNB stickers, and washable BuyLocalNB tatoos! Plus, you can smile knowing you’re also supporting projects such as our Learning Outside program that helps educators get kids interested in learning and exploring outdoors in New Brunswick!

Family Gift Membership

Mom and Dad can be tough to buy for during the holidays — what do you give the people who deserve the world? This year, give them the gift of preserving our natural landscapes, protecting the Bay of Fundy, and supporting sustainable energy technology with a Family Gift Membership to the Conservation Council. With a family gift membership, you’ll receive a membership for mom, dad and the whole family, plus a package containing copies of our membership magazine EcoAlert, fun factsheets, NB-nature themed colouring pages, and more. It’s a low-cost gift with a priceless meaning.