EcoNews — Not again: fracking back on the table in NB, Higgs playing with stickers, CAPP’s kooky ideas, and, thankfully, some stories guaranteed to lift your spirit

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you a mixed bag: see our reaction to news last week that Premier Higgs’ government quietly moved to allow shale gas fracking in the Sussex area, and we question the Premier’s scheme to spend citizens’ money on misleading stickers about the federal carbon tax; we join environmental groups clear across the country collectively shaking our heads at the outlandish election demands made recently by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers; and then, some uplifting stories: read about folks who were inspired during our Eco Buildings Tour on June 1; the growing community of electric vehicle owners in New Brunswick; watch some beautiful footage of our Bay of Fundy as we celebrated World Oceans Day; nominate your Eco-Hero; and check out a really wild gift idea for Father’s Day.


“None of these conditions have been met”

With news breaking last week that Premier Blaine Higgs and his Progressive Conservative government quietly moved to lift the fracking moratorium in the Sussex region during a closed-door meeting last month, we were taken aback of the need to remind the minority government that the conditions given by the independent, expert commission on fracking have not been met. If you haven’t yet, use this link to send a letter to the Premier, your MLA, and all party leaders voicing your opposition to shale gas and your support for cleaner energy from renewables — and please share it widely.

Let’s leave playing with stickers to the kids, Premier Higgs

Last week was a busy one for backwards ideas from our provincial government. Read our Executive Director, Lois Corbett’s statement on Premier Higgs’ scheme to use citizens’ money for gas pump stickers containing misleading information about federal carbon tax. “An honest sticker would include vital information about the rebate N.B. citizens and small business owners receive, and information about the impact of climate change and air pollution to New Brunswickers’ health and safety.”

New Brunswick’s biggest climate polluters — updated

We’ve updated our list of New Brunswicker’s biggest climate polluters with the most recent data available (2017) from the National Pollutant Release Inventory. Though *cough* we still don’t think you’ll be too surprised…

All federal parties must reject CAPP’s election demands on energy development and climate change

Your Conservation Council joined a coalition of major environmental groups across Canada that took issue with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ (CAPP) demands for more oil production, more oil pipelines, and additional oil and gas subsidies. Oh, CAPP also asked the federal government to gut existing climate policies and attack the Species at Risk Act. As our Lois Corbett put it, “CAPP’s election wish-list reads more like a Donald Trump tweet than a reasoned contribution from a well-heeled industry group on critical public policy.”

“Now I’m making plans”: 2019 Eco Buildings Tour inspires change and hope

Phew, need a pick-me-up after all that nonsense? Breath easy. There are lots of New Brunswickers who are already making the shift to cleaner energy living, and loving every second of it (and penny saved).  Nearly two-dozen of these folks opened their doors to the public on June 1 for our Pathway to a Cleaner Future: Eco Buildings Tour in the greater Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John regions. If you missed it, don’t fret, we’ll be holding this inspiring event again. In the meantime, read all about the adventure our Jon MacNeill had participating in the Fredericton area tour.

Tesla and the drive-through province: electric vehicle owners say technology well within reach

Here’s another uplifting read: our writer Joe Tunney connects with members of New Brunswick’s small but growing electric vehicle owners about the joys and benefits of driving an EV, and how the near maintenance-free vehicles are here to stay.

It’s never too late to spread some love for our beautiful marine waters

World Oceans Day (June 8) may have passed, but we know New Brunswickers love our marine waters all year ’round. Check out our video, featuring stunning Bay of Fundy footage from award-winning photographer Nick Hawkins, and share it with someone who loves the ocean.

Call for nominations! Eco-Hero and Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Awards

We have two opportunities for you to recognize New Brunswickers who are working hard to celebrate and protect the province we love. Our Milton F. Gregg Awards are back this year with 15 new categories, check them out and make your nomination here. And our fantastic SouthEast Chapter is once again seeking nominations for the Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award, recognizing in-depth and thoughtful coverage of environmental issues in N.B. Nominations for both sets of awards are due July 31.

Great Trees, Great Dads

Get Dad something wild this Father’s Day. Our new book, The Great Trees of New Brunswick, 2nd Edition, tells stories of New Brunswick’s disctict, ‘champion’ trees, and serves as a must-have field guide for native tree species in our beautiful, mixed-wood Acadian Forest. Pick up a copy today for only $28 at Conserver House (180 St. John St. Fredericton).


  • Our Great Trees book is hitting the road! Check out the event listings here for your chance to meet the authors and pick up a signed copy of our new book, The Great Trees of New Brunswick 2nd Edition.
  • Some of our awesome supporters are holding a fundraiser this Saturday to help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary! If you live in the Hampton area, don’t miss this great plant sale at Hoopers Studios, where you can pick up a range of plants and flowers priced between $1-$10. Full details here!
  • The Conservation Council is co-hosting a town hall meeting in Fredericton to help shape the vision for a Green New Deal in Canada, Tuesday, June 18 at 7 p.m. at Cathedral Memorial Hall. Full details and RSVP here.
  • Back for another beautiful day on the water!  Join our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, for a 10-km canoe or kayak paddle down the beautiful Musquash Estuary, the only intact, fully functioning estuary in the Bay of Fundy. This year’s paddle is on Saturday, July 13. After a decade-long effort to protect this precious ecosystem, we paddle the Musquash every year to enjoy it and to celebrate its protection. Registration will start next week, so stay posted to our website!
  • And, of course, the New Brunswick Environmental Network has a ton of events happening this summer. Be sure to check their online calendar regularly!