EcoNews — Keeping a close eye on Irving, the growing costs of climate change, and back in the fight to keep N.B. frack-free

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you strong reaction from Environment Canada and our Fundy Baykeeper as a plea deal is reached in Irving Pulp and Paper’s latest pollution case; we bring you a great read — and timely reminder — that the moratorium on fracking is smart public policy; we share two op-eds about the cost of climate change and the urgency with which we must act on solutions; and we give you everything you need to write your MLA and party leaders for more protection of New Brunswick’s land and waters!

Environment Canada says it believes “further violations may occur” at Irving pulp mill

Part of Irving Pulp and Paper’s fine for polluting the St. John River won’t be going toward a non-profit chaired by the mill’s co-CEO, Jim Irving. Our Fundy Baykeeper says he’ll still be watching to see if the monies are spent on projects in the St. John River, and welcomes comments from Environment Canada as it adds the Irving mill to the federal environmental offenders registry.

Just a friendly reminder…

Well, folks, here we go again.  As premier-designate Blaine Higgs tells the CBC this week that his government will move to allow ‘regional fracking’ — whatever that is — here’s a reminder that the moratorium currently in place is smart public policy to protect New Brunswickers’ health and drinking water.

Window is closing to avert climate disaster

And, here’s the latest commentary from our friend Jim Emberger at the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance.  If you don’t already follow their blog, you should check it out for facts, myth-busting and helpful resources about the risks of fracking. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, too.

Ignoring climate change is a risky venture

Keep your eye on the prize. That’s the message our colleague and climate guru Louise Comeau delivers in this op-ed originally published last week in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. “When we debate climate solutions like carbon pricing, let us keep in mind the risks we face and costs we are paying from the floods, heat waves, wildfires and coastal erosion affecting New Brunswickers. Let’s not forget that climate change is a health issue.”

Send your letter today!

Hundreds of New Brunswickers have written their MLA and all party leaders to call for expanded protection of our land and waters. With more than 95 per cent of our province vulnerable to pollution and development, New Brunswick is the worst in Canada for protecting these important ecological spaces. Use our easy letter-writing tool to let your MLA know you want this to change!

Thank you for joining us at our Annual General Meeting!

Last Saturday, in the hours just before most of New Brunswick was battered with wicked winds and widespread power outages,  the scene at our Conserver House on St. John Street in Fredericton was one of all smiles and good community vibes. Thanks to everyone who came to our AGM, pot luck lunch, and fantastic presentations from Arielle DeMerchant Nature Photography and board member Jess Vivhelin!