EcoNews — Amplify our call for a #BetterThanNormal recovery in NB!

In this edition of EcoNews, we welcome you to add your voice alongside the hundreds of New Brunswickers who have already joined our call for a #BetterThanNormal economic recovery in N.B.; our executive director reports on a new study from top economists showing how innovative stimulus measures, like investing in energy efficiency or renewable energy, provide a better roadmap for building back stronger and creating good jobs in the wake of a disaster such as the global pandemic; and, we invite newcomers and veterans alike in the fight against climate change to explore our new climate change hub full of resources to give New Brunswickers what they need to be part of the solution for building a more sustainable, fair world.


You can amplify our call for a #BetterThanNormal recovery

More than 400 New Brunswickers and 30+ organizations (spanning the health, labour, agriculture, energy, conservation, academic, grassroots community and social justice sectors) have signed on to our call for a #BetterThanNormal pandemic recovery in New Brunswick. Last week, Premier Higgs committed to considering our recommendations with the members of the COVID-19 cabinet as New Brunswick looks to restart its economy. If you think our plan for rebuilding New Brunswick’s economy by improving food security, energy security, and nature and water protection makes sense, you can help amplify the call by adding your voice to our simple sign-on form and spreading the word with friends, colleagues and family.

Invest in energy retrofits, renewables to reboot economy — experts

More good news on the rebuilding front—our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, looks at a new study from leading American and British economists who found that boosting either renewable energy or energy efficiency in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis created more jobs, delivered higher short-term returns and led to better long term cost savings when compared to traditional stimulus measures. The study’s findings are strong evidence that New Brunswick, and decision makers around the world, should be bold and build back #BetterThanNormal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the Love of NB: our new hub for climate action and inspiration

Looking for the tools to better prepare yourself for the effects of climate change? Want to know more about the fundamentals of climate change, why it’s happening, and what it will mean for us in New Brunswick? Maybe you need some inspiration to take your personal climate action to the next level? Whether you are just getting familiar with the reality of climate change or are a veteran community activist, our new climate change hub, For the Love of NB, is full of resources to help you be part of the solution in building a more sustainable and fair world. Be sure to check back in regularly for the latest entry in our video series looking at how climate change is already affecting some of the things we love doing in New Brunswick—and what each of us can do to help.

We work hard to make sure a strong environmental voice is heard in the New Brunswick print, radio and television media. Here are the latest stories Conservation Council staff have been called upon for expertise, analysis and commentary:

May 18 — As gaspereaux began their spring run in the St. Croix River, our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, tells reporters that proceeding with the planned removal of the Milltown dam will benefit the ecological health of the river as well as provide a boost to coastal communities’ economies. Read the story here.

May 15 — Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, speaks with the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal about our open letter to Premier Higgs calling for a #BetterThanNormal recovery in N.B. built around better food security, energy security, and nature protection. Says Corbett, “It’s all about trying to see the green lining in this COVID cloud.” Read the full story.

May 14 — Our Louise Comeau, Director of Climate and Energy Solutions, speaks with the Moncton Times & Transcript about the ever present threat of climate change and how the focus and intent with which the world is tackling COVID-19 would serve us well in the fight to build a more sustainable and fair world. Read the full story here.

April 24 — Louise Comeau speaks with CBC New Brunswick’s Harry Forestell about our open letter to Premier Higgs outlining recommendations for a #BetterThanNormal recovery in N.B. Watch the Evening News clip here (beginning around 8:30). Read the web story here.