Conservation Council to address NEB panel session on Energy East in Saint John

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August 8, 2016

Contact Info:
Mike Girard, Communications Director
O: 506-458-874 / C: 506-999-6431

WHEN: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WHERE: Hilton Saint John, Loyalist Room, Market Square, Saint John

WHO: Lois Corbett, Executive Director, Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Matt Abbott, Fundy Baykeeper, Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Lois Corbett and Matt Abbott from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick will be speaking at the National Energy Board’s Saint John panel session, Tuesday afternoon.

Lois Corbett and Matt Abbott will make a presentation to the National Energy Board (NEB) Panel about some of the Conservation Council’s main concerns with the Energy East pipeline project, which includes the tank farm and marine terminal in Saint John and increased tanker traffic in the Bay of Fundy. During their time before the NEB Panel, Corbett and Abbott will also use the opportunity to ask questions of TransCanada that are focused on the following issues:

  1. How does TransCanada intend on factoring in the Paris Climate Agreement into its arguments for approval of the pipeline;
  2. How much of the pipeline’s capacity will be refined in Saint John versus being shipped by sea;
  3. The impact of the pipeline and increased shipping traffic on the Bay of Fundy and its wildlife;
  4. How well TransCanada has assessed the safety and integrity of the hundreds freshwater crossings the pipeline will make in New Brunswick; and
  5. The impacts the project will have on tourism in the Bay of Fundy.


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