Conservation Council statement on federal carbon pricing plan

Attention News Editors: Lois Corbett, Executive Director, made the following statement with respect to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement on the federal carbon pricing plan. She is available for interviews.

“Canada is showing leadership on the world stage by putting forward a fair system to make polluters pay for the carbon pollution that is causing climate change.

New Brunswickers know climate change is here and it is already affecting our communities.

Extreme weather events, such as the historic flooding along the St. John River this spring or the ice storm of January 2017, cost us financially, emotionally and physically. We know we must move toward solutions, and Canada’s carbon plan ensures that all New Brunswickers will benefit from this important and effective tool to protect our health and safety.

Under the federal plan, the majority of New Brunswick households will get more money back from the climate rebate than they will pay at the pumps.

The fuels used by farmers and fishermen are exempt from the carbon tax, protecting critical local economies in New Brunswick. Rural New Brunswickers, which the federal government considers as anyone living outside the greater Saint John and Moncton areas, will get a 10 per cent top-up to their climate rebate.

Large industrial emitters in New Brunswick, like the oil refinery, the belledune coal-fired generating station, and large pulp and paper mills, also are required to pay a carbon tax for the pollution they create. pay a fair share for the pollution they create, and will now have incentives to improve their operations and pollute less in the first place.

Pricing carbon pollution moves us faster toward solutions like electric vehicles, renewable energy, and cozier, more energy-efficient homes.

The best way New Brunswickers can avoid paying the carbon tax is by investing in better windows and doors, getting a more efficient refrigerator or washer and dryer, and adding more insulation in their walls — all things that will save money in the long run, make life at home more comfortable, and lower their own carbon footprint.”

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