Conservation Council spreading the power of pollinators

The Conservation Council’s recent effort to help teach New Brunswick kids about the power of pollinators was highlighted in a Telegraph-Journal story, published July 23, focused on pollinator education events and activities happening around the province this summer.

“It’s been a lot of smiling faces and I think they’ve been enjoying getting their hands dirty and digging in the dirt and playing games,” Claire Shiplett, executive director of the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in Saint Andrews, told the Telegraph-Journal following a busy day gardening with our Learning Outside Coordinator, Nadine Ives, last week.

The summer arts and science project for kids, organized by the Conservation Council’s Learning Outside program, in collaboration with the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre with funding from the Fundy Community Foundation, is a campaign aimed at creating engaging spaces where kids can learn about the importance of pollinators, gardening, and just how much fun learning outside can be.

The little campers at the Dragonfly Centre for Autism Inc. in Saint Andrews were the first to get a taste of our pollinator garden workshop. Next, we will be visiting Milltown Elementary and Back Bay Elementary over the next few weeks.

Visit our Learning Outside Facebook page for more details.

Read the full Telegraph Journal story,  here.


Do you live in the area and you want to help? It’s not too late! We’re still accepting plant donations (see list of species below). You can drop them off at Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre (or, if you’re near Fredericton, at Conserver House, 180 St. John St.).

Find some great pictures of our day of gardening with the Dragonfly Centre for Autism: Beautifying the Dragonfly Centre for Austism.

For more information on pollinators and how to make your own pollinator garden, check out these resources.