CCNB’s Dr. Louise Comeau unveils Conservation Council’s Climate Action Plan

The Conservation Council’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, Dr. Louise Comeau, was recently featured in the Telegraph Journal, CBC, and Acadie-Nouvelle, where she unveiled the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s bold made-in New Brunswick Climate Action Plan.

“Post-tropical storm Arthur opened New Brunswickers’ eyes to the reality of climate change,” said Dr. Comeau.

“We need to work together because we can’t protect the people and communities we care about from extreme changes to the climate without partnering to drastically cut greenhouse gas pollution.”

“The Conservation Council wants to start a serious conversation about adapting to, and mitigating, the damage to our communities as a result of a rapidly changing climate. “

The Conservation Council’s Climate Action Plan for New Brunswick proposes to reduce these emissions through investments to retrofit our buildings, starting with social and low-income housing; expanding efforts to install renewable energy like solar and wind; and accelerating installation of the Energy Internet (Smart Grid telecommunications) to manage a more distributed electricity load.

These investments would help NB Power phase coal out of electricity production over the next 15 years. The Conservation Council’s plan also proposes creating incentives to help New Brunswickers buy electric and energy efficient vehicles and trucks as Ontario and Quebec have done, and modernizing industry and manufacturing to cut waste and pollution.

Dr. Comeau also appeared in TV broadcasts by CTV Atlantic News, Global News as well as spoke with Terry Seguin on CBC’s morning radio show, Information Morning – Fredericton.

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