Lois Corbett on NB Power’s new personalized home energy report tool

CCNB’s Lois Corbett is applauding NB Power on the launch of their new Home Energy Report program that’s giving New Brunswickers the tools they need to monitor their home energy over time and make informed choices about energy consumption and energy reduction planning.

“The ultimate objective is to reduce electricity consumption,” Lois Corbett told CBC’s Terry Seguin in a radio interview on the Jan 11 edition of Information Morning – Fredericton.

“That is a shared goal, not just of the utility from a business case, but also the government and people and, quite frankly, leaders all over the world.”

“Let’s waste less, spend less and do better for Mother Nature in the long run!”

Using NB Power’s Home Energy Report portal, New Brunswickers will be able to compare their energy use with similar households, understand the impact of weather, and get suggestions for changing behaviours and planning energy upgrades.

New Brunswickers that sign-up will have access to the program through their NB Power online account, while a randomly selected group of 125,000 customers will also get a Home Energy Report by mail.

The Home Energy Report program was developed by Opower, a division of Oracle Utilities and a global leader in customer engagement for energy-efficiency programs with more than 100 utilities worldwide that provide reports to 50 million households worldwide.

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