CCNB Board Member speaks at Sisson Mine meeting

Scott Kidd of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Board of Directors made a presentation during the public meeting on the proposed Sisson Mine on Monday, June 22.

Speaking on behalf of CCNB, Kidd told an indepdent panel established by the provincial government that Northcliff Resources Ltd., the company behind the mine proposal, had filed an inadequate Environmental Impact Assessment which should not be approved by the province. Read Kidd’s statement in full here.

Speaking to media at the meeting, Kidd said CCNB’s primary concern is the potential for a breach in the tailings pond, slated to be six square kilometres in size.

The fear of people who have studied this closely is that you’ll get tailings and contaminated water flowing into the Nashwaak watershed,” Kidd was quoted in a June 23 article on the front page of the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. “This is one of the last remaining habitats for wild Atlantic salmon in the St. John River system and it could be destroyed.