Media Releases

Sylvie Fournier wins 6th Annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award

Sylvie Fournier, a Montreal-based journalist with Radio-Canada's Enquête program, is this year’s first-place recipient of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick South East Chapter's Annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award. Sylvie … [Read more...]

Left behind: National energy efficiency scorecard shows second consecutive year Higgs Government fails to help low-income New Brunswickers live comfortably and save energy at home

Efficiency Canada’s national ranking of provincial energy efficiency policies shows that New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative Government under Premier Blaine Higgs is once again failing to help low income New Brunswickers such as seniors and … [Read more...]

National single-use plastics ban welcome move to reduce pollution plaguing our oceans, rivers, forests and parks 

Fredericton, NB — The federal government has announced its intention to regulate plastic production, use and disposal under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, a move that should help citizens, governments and retailers reduce plastic … [Read more...]

Conservation Council welcomes commitments to climate action, building back #BetterThanNormal, in federal Throne Speech 

Attention News Editors: Lois Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, issued the following statement in response to the federal government’s Speech from the Throne. “The Government of Canada has laid out its vision … [Read more...]

Federal approval of lax regulations for big polluters fails to spur clean energy future New Brunswickers want

Attention News Editors: The Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Louise Comeau, Director of  Climate Change and Energy Solutions, made the following statement with respect to the Government of Canada’s approval today of New Brunswick’s proposed … [Read more...]

New poll: New Brunswickers want more protected land

New poll shows voters look favourably on parties willing to conserve forests and freshwater FREDERICTON – A survey of 500 New Brunswickers conducted between September 1st and 3rd shows overwhelming support for conserving forests and protecting … [Read more...]

Top conservation groups challenge party leaders to take N.B. from laggard to leader on nature, water protection

FREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s leading conservation groups are asking party leaders what they will do to catch up to the rest of Canada on nature and water protection if they are elected Premier in the general election on Sept. 14. Today, New … [Read more...]

Poll shows overwhelming support for Milltown Dam removal

Survey finds broad support for restoration of free flow on the lower St. Croix River ST. ANDREWS — A new poll shows an overwhelming majority of people living in St. Stephen and surrounding communities support NB Power’s plan to remove the Milltown … [Read more...]

Fundy Baykeeper, ENGOs and Fishermen Associations call for EIA of proposed new salmon aquaculture sites in the Bay of Fundy

Wild Atlantic salmon. Photo: Nick Hawkins. Our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, has co-signed a letter to New Brunswick’s Minister of Environment and Local Government calling for proposed new salmon aquaculture sites in the Bay of Fundy to undergo a … [Read more...]

Groups cheer on Milltown Dam Removal, St. Croix River Restoration as fish start spring migration

May 12, 2020 — Indigenous Nation and NGOs representing thousands of people in Maine and New Brunswick are united in support of NB Power’s decision to remove the Milltown Dam, the oldest hydroelectric facility in Canada, and restore free flow to the … [Read more...]