Most plastic waste in Canada leads back to these 5 companies

From wrinkled, old Tim Hortons coffee cups to crumpled candy wrappers, mangled Pepsi bottles and empty, waterworn cigarette packs — we’ve all noticed the glint of iconic logos mixed among the grass, half-buried in the sand and rocks at the beach, or … [Read more...]

Job posting: Learning Outside Project Assistant (20 hrs per week)

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is a non-profit organization that creates awareness of environmental problems and advances practical solutions through research, education and interventions. The Learning Outside project  emerged out of our … [Read more...]

“One thing we’ve discovered, solar panels generate really amazing amounts of power.”

Two homeowners featured in our upcoming Passport to a Low Carbon Economy EcoHomes Tour spoke with CBC Shift NB’s Vanessa Vander Valk this week to share their story and let New Brunswickers know how fun and beneficial switching to a more … [Read more...]

Passport to a Low Carbon Future EcoHomes Tour

Have you wondered what you can do to lessen your home’s carbon footprint? Would you like to learn more about the options available to you and the practical steps you can take to make a real difference? Here is your chance to see what homeowners in … [Read more...]

Speaker series: Challenging mines and clearcuts in New Brunswick

Find out why so many people are concerned about clearcuts, forest spraying and the Sisson open-pit mine proposed in the heart of the Nashwaak watershed from Ramona Nicholas and Tracy Glynn at the Abbey Café (546 Queen St., Fredericton) on Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Bees are in trouble — here’s what you can do to help!

Bees are having a tough time filling their bellies this spring. This was the message we got from our New Brunswick beekeepers after many opened their hives to find 30 to 80 per cent of their colony hadn’t made it through the winter. Beekeepers … [Read more...]

Call for nominations — 2018 Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is pleased to announce nominations are open for our 3rd annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award,  presented annually in recognition of in-depth and thoughtful coverage of environmental issues in … [Read more...]

Economic research shows Canada can afford to take greater climate action

Canada’s GDP is expected to grow at least 38 per cent by the 2030 Paris Agreement deadline, even with greater greenhouse gas reductions than the current federal plan OTTAWA, ONT. — Meeting Canada’s international climate commitments under the Paris … [Read more...]

CCNB Members nominated for 2017 Atlantic Journalism Awards

*Image originally published in March 2018 edition of the Atlantic Salmon Journal,  We’d like to give a hearty spring shout out to three of the Conservation Council’s talented volunteers, supporters, and occasional bloggers — whom were all recently … [Read more...]

Send your letter to protect the Nashwaak River

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