CCNB in the News

Comeau comments on NB Power’s energy efficiency program for homeowners

The Conservation Council’s Louise Comeau, Director of Climate and Energy Solutions, recently spoke to CBC New Brunswick about the recent surge of interest in NB Power’s Total Home Energy Savings Program. The program helps New Brunswickers get an … [Read more...]

Corbett: New centre for energy education should focus on renewables, not coal, oil and gas.

If the Department of Education is setting up a ‘Centre of Excellence for Energy,’ students and teachers would be best served learning about renewable energy and technology to help the switch to a low-carbon economy, rather than the energy of … [Read more...]

Federal government failing New Brunswickers by approving weak regulations: Comeau

Dr. Louise Comeau, our Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, is holding the federal government accountable for approving significantly weaker regulations for New Brunswick’s heavy industrial polluters than the federal government’s own … [Read more...]

Poll shows New Brunswickers want more protected land, less spraying

Polling commissioned by your Conservation Council and our friends at CPAWS-NB and the Atlantic Salmon Federation was covered in the Sept. 9 edition of Acadie-Nouvelle. Read the Acadie-Nouvelle article here. The poll showed overwhelming support … [Read more...]

Low, warm water stresses river life

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, spoke with the Fredericton Daily Gleaner in late July about the unusually low water level of some of New Brunswick’s rivers this summer. The Gleaner’s Michael Staples reports that stream flows in June were … [Read more...]

Big love for the St. Croix/Skutik River

Our recent poll showing big support for the removal of the Milltown Dam and restoration of Salmon Falls received good coverage in regional media. As you’ll remember, last month the Conservation Council and Atlantic Salmon Federation commissioned … [Read more...]

“It’s important to have everyone involved”: Corbett calls for consultation before Sisson extension

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, spoke to CBC New Brunswick about the long-delayed Sisson Mine proposal on July 24. As the CBC's Bob Jones put it: It's been a tough year for Northcliff Resources Ltd., the company behind a long delayed … [Read more...]

“I don’t understand how you can walk that beam”: Corbett on deputy minister’s double duty

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, is questioning the decision to put the top civil servant responsible for developing forestry and energy policies also in charge of the environmental rules that govern those sectors, and says now is not the time … [Read more...]

Louise Comeau talks #BetterThanNormal recovery on Turning Point series

Dr. Louise Comeau, director of our climate change and energy solutions program, spoke about the economic recovery New Brunswick needs—built around improved food security, energy security, and stronger protections for nature and water—as a panelist on … [Read more...]

Removing Milltown dam brings boost for river ecology, coastal economy: Fundy Baykeeper

Our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, told reporters this week that removing the Milltown dam would mean big benefits for the health of the river and local fisheries, along with providing an economic boost to the coastal region. Abbott joined a press … [Read more...]