Breaking EcoNews — A fair coal phase out, protecting Parlee Beach, and panning aquaculture oversight

In this breaking edition of EcoNews, our Executive Director Lois Corbett leads the effort to ensure a fair and prosperous transition away from coal-fired electricity in Canada as co-chair of a new federal task force; we bring you the key findings from Canada’s environment commissioner’s report on the failings of aquaculture regulation and enforcement from coast to coast; we give you a chance to weigh in on the proposed Sisson mine project — and ask that you share our letter-writing campaign if you are one of the hundreds of New Brunswickers who’ve already spoke up for the precious Nashwaak River; and we bring you our reaction to the reports released this week on water quality at Parlee Beach and the Shediac Bay.


Lois Corbett appointed co-chair of fed’s Just Transition Task Force for coal phase out

Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, will work with Canadian Labour Congress president Hassan Yussuff (above) as co-chairs of a new task force that will provide recommendations and options to the federal government to ensure a fair, smooth and prosperous transition for coal workers and coal dependent communities as Canada phases out coal-fired electricity.

Environment Commissioner pans federal government’s regulation and enforcement of aquaculture companies

Our Fundy Baykeeper says a new report from Canada’s top environmental watchdog reinforces longstanding concerns that the aquaculture industry in Atlantic Canada is severely lacking effective regulation and enforcement.

A line in the sand: Corbett on water quality reports for Parlee Beach and Shediac Bay

Lois Corbett says the summary and technical reports released this week on water quality at Parlee Beach “set a bar by which towns, villages, developers and provincial governments must meet” to ensure the safety of swimmers at New Brunswick’s most iconic beach, and the overall health of Shediac Bay.

Say no to the destruction of fish-bearing brooks

New Brunswickers have less than one week left to submit comments to the federal government about the Sisson mine project’s plan to dump mining waste into fish-bearing brooks in the pristine Nashwaak River watershed. We’ve partnered with the Nashwaak Watershed Association to make it easy to submit your comments. Join the hundreds of New Brunswickers who have already spoken up in support of the Nashwaak and downstream communities.


We work hard to make sure a strong environmental voice is heard in the New Brunswick print, radio and television media. Here are the latest stories CCNB staff have been called upon for expertise, analysis and commentary:

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April 23, 2016 — Corbett on release of Parlee Beach water quality reports and recommendations: read our media round-up of coverage from the release of water quality reports for Parlee Beach and Shediac Bay this week, which our Lois Corbett said provides decision-makers ample reason to “step back and think about the bay” when considering any new development.