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The way we manage our forest is outdated: experts

Today, the Conservation Council is releasing a  forest report card that draws attention to the need for modern forestry laws in New Brunswick. Executive summaries are available in English and French. Thirty people, including forest scientists … [Read more...]

Species in initially intact forest landscapes are particularly vulnerable to forest loss

This guest blog post by Matthew Betts was originally posted by Nature, Ecology & Evolution. I’ve spent the better part of the past 15 years studying whether there are thresholds in habitat loss below which species and associated ecosystem … [Read more...]

Remembering Ben Baldwin

Ben Baldwin will forever be remembered by many Miramichiers and New Brunswickers as the farmer who used his … [Read more...]

Tailings are forever: new report shows Alberta’s tailings are a huge liability

Tailings, the waste left behind from mining, remain on landscapes forever and sometimes their dams or casings fail, spilling toxins into waterways. A new report by the Environmental Defence and the U.S.’s Natural Resources Defense Council points to … [Read more...]

Could concerns over health, safety and a turtle stop a third quarry in Estey’s Bridge?

Residents of Estey's Bridge and Douglas, near Fredericton, are worried about a third quarry … [Read more...]

What the Mount Polley tailings disaster has to teach us to protect the Nashwaak from the Sisson mine

One of the world's largest tailing dams is proposed to be constructed in the upper Nashwaak River Valley as part of the proposed Sisson mine operation. With catastrophic mine waste spills on the rise and the fact that the Sisson mine's permitting … [Read more...]

Conserver House taking donations for Wil-Doo Community Bike Club again this year

The Wil-Doo Community Bike Club is busy getting ready for another … [Read more...]

Remembering Gloria Paul, environmental and peace activist

Longtime environmental and peace … [Read more...]

Recover fish populations and protect fish habitat, recommends Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans

The Conservation Council is pleased that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans has included restoring fish populations and protecting fish habitat in its recommendations of what to include in a new Fisheries Act. The … [Read more...]

Get ready to play TREEvia on Monday, Feb. 27 at Unplugged Cafe

TREEvia Night is back! Test your knowledge of New Brunswick's trees and rivers, renewable energy and other topics while supporting climate action, forest conservation and freshwater protection in the province. All proceeds go to the Conservation … [Read more...]