Researchers and Groups to Tackle Blue-Green Algae in NB Lakes

Blue-green algae on a New Brunswick lake. Source: While a number of New Brunswick lakes have had persistent blue-green algae challenges, last summer we saw a spike in the number of lakes added to the Department of Health advisory list, … [Read more...]

It’s time to write the final chapter on the water classification regulation

Stephanie Merrill is the Director of the Freshwater Protection program for the Conservation Council of New Brunswick I attended the Nashwaak Watershed Association AGM last night where Mr. Charles Murray gave a refreshingly candid presentation to … [Read more...]

Chair of Canadian fracking panel encourages continued moratorium

There isn’t enough evidence showing the impacts of shale gas extraction to justify a science-based decision to develop the resource in Atlantic Canada. Dr. John Cherry, Chair of the Council of Canadian Academies review on hydraulic fracturing, … [Read more...]

Departmental Deja Vu: Groups need help to keep rivers and lakes healthy

Blue-green algae on Grand Lake This summer our lakes are making headlines; not for their cool, clear nature but because they are getting sick.  Blue-green algae blooms have flared up on Washademoak Lake, Harvey Lake and portions of Grand Lake -- … [Read more...]

Blue-Green Algae in New Brunswick Lakes

When you hear about "blue-green algae blooms" you may conjure up images of Lake Erie or Lake Winnipeg which in 2013 won the dubious distinction of the World's Most Threatened Lake. So full of blue-green algae, you can see the blooms from space. … [Read more...]

CCNB presents to the Sisson Mine Environmental Impact Assessment Review Panel

Presented to the Review Panel of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Sisson Mine project on June 22, 2014, in Stanley New Brunswick. Good evening to those in attendance and panel members. Since the beginning of the federal and provincial … [Read more...]

“I got one, I got one!”: first time fly fisher

For over 10 years now I’ve worked on, advocated for, and paddled down some of New Brunswick’s greatest rivers and never once have I fly-fished.  A sin, I know. It’s been on my bucket list though for a long time and on Friday I casted a fly line for … [Read more...]

Public invited to participate in Sisson Mine consultation

The Conservation Council is an official intervenor for the joint federal and provincial review process for the Sisson mine project.  We hired 11 scientific experts to review the scientific merits of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report in … [Read more...]

CCNB statement on Fracking Commission Terms of Reference

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick says the geography of shale deposits might be different in New Brunswick but the environmental impacts of shale development are experienced the same way from Arkansas to North Dakota to Alberta to N.B. Water … [Read more...]

Share your stories where the pipeline meets our waters

TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline route will cross New Brunswick rivers and streams over 280 times as it snakes its way from the border at Edmundston, down the St. John River Valley through the woodlands and farmlands of Carleton County, … [Read more...]