“Arthur really caught people’s attention,” Dr. Louise Comeau


The Conservation Council’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, Dr. Louise Comeau, was a guest on CBC’s Shift yesterday discussing her research on the impact post-tropical storm Arthur had on New Brunswickers. Comeau’s research is seeking to better understand how the storm has changed the views of citizens regarding climate change, how individuals and municipalities reacted to the storm in it’s immediate wake, and the ways in which communities like Keswick Ridge and Fredericton are preparing for the next big storm.

Comeau told Shift that Arthur showed people how their lives could be affected by both the inconveniences of a storm but also the risks associated with losing power for long periods of time.

Share your experiences of post-tropical storm Arthur with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

Comeau said researchers are trying to understand what the capacity of people is to respond to those types of extreme weather events in the future.

You can listen to the full interview, and read CBC New Brunswick’s article online.