A breakthrough budget for whales, wildlife and water

FREDERICTON — Lois Corbett, Executive Director, issued the following statement with respect to the federal government’s 2018-19 Budget, which included an unprecedented $1.3 billion commitment over five years for protecting land and endangered species. She is available for interviews.

“This is a huge breakthrough and a day to celebrate for New Brunswickers and folks clear across the country who love nature, wildlife, and the outdoors.

The federal government’s ground-breaking investment of $1.3 billion shows it is listening and acting — to an unprecedented degree — on Canadians’ deep connection to nature and our desire to see the forests, parks, lands and waters we love — and the wildlife who call these places home — protected.

It’s baffling, but right now, in our picture province, more than 95 per cent of New Brunswick lands are not protected. An investment of this size should see a significant increase in protected areas for our province, from expanding important wildlife habitats and migratory bird sanctuaries, to preserving more of our beloved natural Acadian forest. New Brunswickers should be smiling today.

I’m also joined by our Fundy Baykeeper, Matt Abbott, in applauding the government for investing $167.4 million, on top of funds and initiatives already announced, to protect and recover endangered whale populations in Canada. This demonstrates a serious commitment to ensure that the terrible loss of North Atlantic Right Whales in our waters last summer will not happen again.

The government’s move to extend tax breaks for clean energy and energy efficiency through to 2025 is yet another signal to renewable energy entrepreneurs that they will be big job creators in building Canada’s low-carbon economy.”

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