A Beautiful Forest: a 5 Days for the Forest event

By Jennica Leet

Join us for a documentary about the story of our forest as told by Maliseet, Mi’kmaq and Passamaquoddy elders. As part of our celebration of the 5 Days for the Forest, the Conservation Council and Cinema Politica Fredericton are screening A Beautiful Forest by the Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN).

The film, directed by John David Thornton, includes the narrative of Wolastoq elder Maggie Paul and the insights of Andrea Bear Nicholas, Darrell Nicholas, Chief Hugh Akagi, Cecelia Brooks, Josie Augustine, Clarence Atwin and Winton Saulis.


Darryl Nicholas and Andrea Bear Nicholas in the film, A Beautiful Forest.


The documentary highlights the current state of our forest from the point of view of indigenous peoples that have been living here for thousands of years. Watching this documentary will take you on a journey beyond the science behind our forest, effectively showing that the forest must be valued for more than just timber.

A Beautiful Forest will make you think about your part in the fight to conserve and restore our forests and our collective responsibilities to the Peace and Friendship Treaties.

When: Friday, September 23rd at 6:00 pm

Where: Conserver House, 180 St. John St., Fredericton

With post-film discussion with Bill Parenteau, UNB historian, and Lloyd Salomone, film producer/writer, and others TBA.

More on 5 Days for the Forest: www.conservationcouncil.ca/5daysfortheforest

Contact: forest@conservationcouncil.ca