22,000+ jobs from tidal power in the Bay of Fundy? That oughta make some waves for the fossil fuel industry!

What sounds better to you – slagging it out on an Albertan oil rig, or a sweet gig along the beautiful Bay of Fundy?

The Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) today released a report showing tidal power could be a multi-billion dollar industry for the Maritimes and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Stephen Dempsey, the head of the Halifax-based not-for-profit, told CBC News that tidal power could create 22,000 jobs in Nova Scotia alone, raking in $1.7-billion for the Bluenose economy by 2040.

The report goes on to say the global tidal power industry could be worth $900 billion by 2050.

According to Dempsey, New Brunswick has some catching up to do if it wants to cash in on the massive clean energy and job creating potential of the world’s highest tides.

He said our province needs a mechanism in place to help alternative energy developers shoulder the high start-up costs of their operation. The return on investment, however, could see thousands of New Brunswickers put to work in clean power.

This spring, we’ve been speaking with New Brunswickers who are either making their living or saving big bucks by getting into the fast-growing renewable energy game. Stay posted to our blog to learn how you can help the planet – and our economy – by getting green.

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