CCNB Southeast

The Southeast chapter of the Conservation Council works to create awareness of environmental issues in the southeast region of New Brunswick, and to promote solutions to protect the natural environment.

The chapter has created educational materials and presentations for public events, markets, and schools, hosted speakers and workshops, and maintains an active email list connecting members with information about environment-related events and issues in the region.

We have joined forces with other groups in the region to create awareness of the health and environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, uranium exploration and mining, and the cosmetic use of pesticides.


President: Roy MacMullin
Treasurer: David MacDonald
Secretary: Anita Cannon
V.P.Communications: Helen Chenell
V.P. Energy & Climate Change: Lindsay Patten
V.P. Social Media: Christina Robichaud
Presentations Co-ordinator: Cynthia Doucet
Project Co-ordinator:  Teri McMackin
Contact us: ccnbsoutheast@gmail.com

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