Let’s turn to nature for solutions

Happy World Water Day! From the water crises in Cape Town, South Africa and Flint, Michigan to the countless drinking water advisories in First Nations across Canada, this 25th World Water Day looks different for the millions of communities across … [Read more...]

Free screening of Water Warriors tonight

In 2013, a multicultural group of concerned citizens led by members of the Mi’kmaq Elsipogtog First Nation joined together to stop Texas-based SWN Resources from conducting shale gas seismic testing in Kent County, N.B. Now four years later, we have … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Your Canada Day, hit the beach edition

In this Canada Day edition of EcoNews, we get you ready to beat the heat and hit the beach with stories about: the first-ever Canada Beach Report and what it tells us about the health of our cherished waterways; our take on the Auditor General's … [Read more...]

Your EcoNews – fugitive methane exposed, fun for data junkies, and a serenade to salt water

In this edition of EcoNews, we bring you our recommendations for the federal government's Clean Fuel Standard proposal, share a new report that’s challenging the use of fracked gas as a ‘clean’ transition fuel, dig into the latest greenhouse gas … [Read more...]

New report challenges use of fracked gas as ‘clean’ transition fuel

A new study by the David Suzuki Foundation reveals methane emissions from B.C. oil and gas operations are at least 2.5 times higher than those reported by the B.C. government. The groundbreaking research shows that, rather than serving as a ‘clean’ … [Read more...]

Let’s close the door on shale gas development once and for all

We applaud the Gallant government’s decision to amend the Clean Environment Act to ban the disposal of fracking wastewater in municipal and provincial sewage treatment systems. The scientific studies behind the decision have long noted that municipal … [Read more...]

CCNB’s Lois Corbett on NB government’s decision to extend fracking moratorium indefinitely

Fredericton, N.B. – Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Executive Director, Lois Corbett, was quoted in a recent CTV Atlantic News story applauding NB government’s decision to extend the fracking moratorium indefinitely. “Today, New Brunswick … [Read more...]

Conservation Council of New Brunswick says extending fracking moratorium is good public policy

Fredericton, N.B. – The Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB) welcomed the Gallant Government’s decision to extend the fracking moratorium in New Brunswick. Energy and Mines Minister Donald Arsenault responded to the Hydraulic Fracturing … [Read more...]

EcoNews: Join the discussion on water protection

This week’s update is focused on water. We bring you news about an opportunity to have your say as the province begins crafting a water protection strategy. Learn how the fracking commission’s report challenged New Brunswickers to begin the clean … [Read more...]

CCNB responds to discussion paper for building provincial water protection strategy

CHSJ Radio in Saint John covered the release of the discussion paper to guide the development of a provincial water protection strategy on Tuesday, March 1. CHSJ reported that CCNB said Environment Minister Brian Kenny laid an excellent … [Read more...]