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How can you help the right whale?

My introduction to the north Atlantic right whale was a spectacular one: standing on a sailboat in the Bay of Fundy surrounded by a pod of the majestic mammals. I could see the curious whales in every direction, some playfully slapping their fins … [Read more...]

Ice storm review report to be released tomorrow

The January 2017 ice storm review report will be released tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 18). Judy Wagner, clerk of the Executive Council and author of the report, will release the review with Public Safety Minister Denis Landry, NB Power CEO Gaëtan … [Read more...]

Concerned citizens show support for an end to herbicide spraying near Petitcodiac

In a show of support for an end to herbicide spraying on Crown land near Petitcodiac, roughly 25 people gathered outside the Petitcodiac village office on Tuesday, Aug. 15, where a meeting was scheduled between the village council and J.D. Irving … [Read more...]

EcoNews — Where our forest is being sprayed this summer

In this edition of EcoNews, we show you where our forest is being sprayed this summer with a breakdown of herbicide spray hotspots near popular N.B. lakes and which forestry companies are doing the most spraying; we make it easy for you to join New … [Read more...]

Update: Feds order tankers to slow down in Gulf of St. Lawrence

UPDATED: Aug. 11, 2017 11:30 a.m. The federal government has introduced a mandatory slow down for supertankers in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to help prevent further deaths of north Atlantic right whales. Vessels 20 metres or more in length must … [Read more...]

Event: Protecting the Nashwaak from a mine’s tailings

One of the world’s largest tailing dams is proposed to be constructed in the upper Nashwaak River Valley as part of the proposed Sisson mine operation. With catastrophic mine waste spills on the rise and the fact that the Sisson mine’s permitting … [Read more...]

Baykeeper calls for mandatory slow down of supertankers

A tenth north Atlantic right whale has been found dead, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) stated in a series of social media posts Tuesday evening. The carcass was found south of the River of Ponds area in Newfoundland by a DFO … [Read more...]

Where our forest is being sprayed this summer

The map showing where the forests will be sprayed with herbicides during summer 2017 is now available. Forestry companies spray large swaths of clearcuts with products containing glyphosate — a chemical linked to cancer and a slew of other health … [Read more...]

Species in initially intact forest landscapes are particularly vulnerable to forest loss

This guest blog post by Matthew Betts was originally posted by Nature, Ecology & Evolution. I’ve spent the better part of the past 15 years studying whether there are thresholds in habitat loss below which species and associated ecosystem … [Read more...]

Nothing to celebrate: Balloons polluting Bay of Fundy

Next time you stop into the store to pick up a birthday balloon for someone you might want to stop and think about where it could end up. People working in the Bay of Fundy say they’ve seen more balloon garbage in the waters between New Brunswick and … [Read more...]