Lantern Snowshoe Hike 2018 — Buy Your Tickets Now!

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Things to come: Fredericton makes first foray into solar power

The City of Fredericton took a big step toward becoming a cleaner, greener city with the installation of its first municipality-owned solar panel array this week. In making the announcement on Monday, Feb. 12, mayor Mike O’Brien said the … [Read more...]

Want nature protected? Write your MLA today!

Did you know that more than 95% of New Brunswick land is unprotected and vulnerable to activities that could harm wildlife and damage the natural beauty of our province? We need to act now to protect N.B.’s natural areas, and our friends at the … [Read more...]

Good news for the Bay of Fundy: statement on new Fisheries Act

Attention New Editors: Lois Corbett, Executive Director, and Matt Abbott, the Fundy Baykeeper. issued the following statement with respect to the introduction of the new national Fisheries Act. "The new law that protects Canada’s fisheries and … [Read more...]

World Wetlands Day: keep your feet dry with our virtual tour!

Bog. Fen. Swamp. Marsh. These words may conjure up images of stagnant and muddy water, but the truth is these different types of wetlands can be beautiful, peaceful, and full of life. They are also critical for the health of New Brunswick’s … [Read more...]

PC leader open to revisiting controversial 2014 forestry deal

The leader of New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative party told CBC News this week that he is open to revisiting the controversial forestry deal that his party negotiated and signed when it was in power in 2014. "In the case of the forestry deal, … [Read more...]

65 forced from homes after Irving Oil butane leak in Saint John

A leak of a highly-flammable gas at Irving Oil’s operations forced roughly 65 people from their homes in an east Saint John neighbourhood on Monday, Jan. 8. The CBC reported on the butane leak at Irving Oil’s Saint John East Terminal after the … [Read more...]

We love your support

Donations from people like you are our major source of funding, and those donations protect our independence. The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is our province’s leading advocate for environmental protection - donate today and give the … [Read more...]

Statement on provincial water protection strategy

Attention News Editors: Lois Corbett, Executive Director, released the following statement with respect to today’s announcement about a provincial water strategy: “The provincial water strategy released today includes short-term and long-term … [Read more...]

Breaking EcoNews — N.B.’s Climate Change Act

So, we have a Climate Change Act for New Brunswick — something your Conservation Council has said we’ve needed for years. Is it exactly what we had in mind (or even close)? No. But let’s start with the good. The new bill, introduced in the … [Read more...]