Moncton restaurant cuts out plastic straws entirely

Congratulations to St. James Gate for making efforts to reduce its ecological footprint! The local company’s restaurants in Moncton, Dieppe and Shediac are no longer offering plastic straws to their customers. According to the owner, Kolin Barely, … [Read more...]

Corbett on 2017 Ice Storm Review

The Conservation Council’s Executive Director, Lois Corbett, spoke to several media outlets about the 2017 Ice Storm Review report, released Friday, Aug. 18. Corbett was quoted in articles by the Fredericton Daily Gleaner, the Canadian Press, … [Read more...]

Blue-green algae: what you need to know

Algae season in New Brunswick is officially upon us. The province issued a blue-green algae advisory for Nashwaak Lake on Tuesday, July 25 after lab tests confirmed the presence of a bloom in the typically cold-water lake north of … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor: Setting the record straight on N.B. pollution targets

The article originally appeared in the July 20 edition of the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. Dear Editor: I write to correct some errors in the article about New Brunswick's record on reducing carbon pollution. The National Energy Board … [Read more...]

Homes evacuated after 1,200 barrels of crude spills in rural Texas

Families were forced to leave their homes after an estimated 1,200 barrels of crude oil spilled from a pipeline rupture in Bastrop County, TX, on Thursday, July 13. Local news media reported that an excavator accidentally cut the Magellan's … [Read more...]

Iceberg the size of PEI breaks from ice shelf in Antarctica

An iceberg bigger than the size of Prince Edward Island split off from an ice shelf in the Antarctic sometime between July 10 and 12, CTV News  announced on Wednesday. British scientists announced the 1- trillion-tonne ice piece is one of the biggest … [Read more...]

Pipeline companies are permitted to keep integrity digs secret from the public

  Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) has stopped requiring pipeline companies to publish the geographic coordinates of pipeline repairs, DeSmog Canada has discovered. Until recently, the NEB openly posted the GPS coordinates of … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Electric Cars

How much cleaner are electric cars compared to gasoline vehicles? Check out this video by the Union of Concerned Scientists to find out. Would you consider buying an electric vehicle? This video by Plug'n Drive Ontario shows the benefits of … [Read more...]

eCharge Network a key step: Corbett on transition to electric vehicles

In an interview with Global News, our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, said the soon-to-be-built eCharge Network of 15 new, fast-charging stations is a key step toward getting more electric vehicles on New Brunswick roads. “I don’t think it’s the … [Read more...]

Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network Coming to N.B.

Good news for people driving electric vehicles or those considering the gasoline-free or hybrid route in New Brunswick. NB Power is launching a public network of electric vehicle charging stations in 15 locations along the province’s busiest … [Read more...]